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KLEANVAK offers equipment that combines sanding, application of cleaning liquid, brushing of areas to be treated, application of release agent, suction and recovery of soiled liquids as well as vapors of solvent-based products.

KleanVak equipment allows the worker to safely and efficiently apply or remove hazardous materials, without the use of personal protective equipment.

The machine removes and filters excess solvents before VOC’s can flash into the surrounding environment.



-Enhanced worker safety

-No infrastructure required

-Reduced application time

-Reduced waste

-Increased mobility and flexibility


Suggested Applications:

- Surface preparation and cleaning 

- Engine maintenance cleaning 

- Application of mold release agents 

- Sanding and stripping of paints

- Tool cleaning 

KleanVak is already compatible with the most commonly used cleaners and mold release agents in the market. This technology is widely used by major OEMs and subsuppliers in the aerospace industry.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how KleanVak can improve your operation.