Our partner Virtek Vision is the market leader in laser projection and quality inspection solutions globally. They support manufacturers around the world with complex manufacturing processes. 

Their 3D Vision Positioning System (VPS) accurately projects a virtual laser template onto complex 3D molds and parts to guide operators through the process of part fabrication. Spatial Positioning System (SPS) combines laser projection technology with 3D vision technology; use it to locate a part in 3D space and it quickly locks onto its CAD-specified assembly position.

Virtek’s virtual laser templating systems can eliminate expensive tooling, stop costly errors, provide the highest accuracy and significantly cut time to market.

Virtek IRIS laser system

Now Virtek launches new real-time tracking software with vision system! 

The newest software, Iris™ ActiveTrack helps manufacturers complete inspection and assembly tasks effortlessly on moving parts. Iris™ ActiveTrack can project a stable, accurate laser line directly onto a moving surface, in 3D, to provide operators with the information needed to get the job done more efficiently.

As the part moves around, the system will track the part and keep the laser projection correctly positioned.


Benefits of Active Track

  • Complete inspection and assembly tasks effortlessly on moving tools
  • Inspect Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) ply boundary while a tool, such as a mandrel, is in motion
  • Gain more productive time during inspection, component assembly, or manual layup processes
  • Displaces manual measurements and marking
  • Great for assembly procedures without the need for fixturing
  • Maintain the quality of end product
  • Eliminates templating process steps and template costs
  • Eliminates costly human errors
  • De-skill complex tasks
  • Simple, easy to learn, and low maintenance


Our experienced team will support you through the process, assist to install and calibrate each projector, train operators and inform you about the recent software upgrades.


Do you want to know more about Virtek laser projection system? Get in touch with us now! 


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