LOCTITE FREKOTE: The Aerospace Standard for Release Materials

The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding and precious industries you might come across. Finding the right material and also the right supplier has significant importance in the process.

Choosing the right release material is not as easy as you might think … Aircraft manufacturers’ demands on professional release materials are high: They require a wide range of mold releases with different characteristics to meet all needs. They want to be sure to apply a sustainable solution. And last but not least, they only accept materials that comply with the most rigorous requirements.


Henkel’s LOCTITE FREKOTE release agents, sealers and cleaners are based on over 50 years of technical experience and are the most trusted for consistent release of composite parts from tools. 

They are approved and specified by all major global aircraft manufacturers and OEM’s.


These wax- and silicone-free release agents polymerize to create a low surface energy film that is durable, chemically resistant and thermally stable. A minimal transfer to molded components, low clogging, easy application and the highest number of releases possible per application are guaranteed.

Why choose LOCTITE FREKOTE mold release materials? 

  • Semi-permanent mold release bonds to mold surface for consistent release 
  • Higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtime 
  • Low reject rates 
  • Available with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CFCs for improved sustainability
  • Dispensing equipment available

Have a deeper look at some of the bestsellers of Loctite Frekote product group;


LOCTITE FREKOTE 770-NC is a clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, epoxy mould release agent for advanced composites and FRP polyester parts. It is a versatile, semi-permanent release agent with high thermal stability that provides high slip where mould geometry problems are encountered. Wiped or sprayed on, it creates a high gloss finish; dry time between coats is just 5 – 10 min.

  • High slip compensates for mould geometry problems
  • Universal for advanced composites
  • Also for FRP polyester parts
  • High gloss finish
  • Fast curing

Downlod here the TDS for FREKOTE 770-NC Aero


Loctite Frekote 700-NC

LOCTITE FREKOTE 700-NC Aero is a clear, solvent-based, moisture-curing, release epoxy for most advanced composites and also polyester resins. It is a versatile agent with high thermal stability that provides high slip where mold geometry problems are encountered and cures rapidly at room temperature to give a high gloss finish to molded parts.

  • High slip compensates for mould geometry problems
  • Universal for advanced composites
  • High gloss finish
  • Also for polyester resins
  • Fast curing

Downlod here the TDS for FREKOTE 700-NC Aero

Loctite Frekote 44-NC
is a clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, semi-permanent mould release polymer with high thermal stability. It is designed to provide multiple release of advanced composites and rotationally moulded plastics with no contaminating transfer or mould build-up. Wiped, brushed or sprayed; dry time between coats is 15 min. Minimal cleaning required before bonding or painting.

  • No mould build-up
  • For advanced composites and rotationally moulded parts
  • No contaminating transfer
  • Minimal cleaning before bonding or painting
  • Manual or spray application

Downlod here the TDS for FREKOTE 44-NC Aero


To find out more about the mold release agents in the product range, please see LOCTITE FREKOTE product selector guide here.

Losi Group – Henkel Aerospace authorized distributor since 1997

Losi Group, as an authorized Henkel Aerospace distributor offers a wide range of Loctite Frekote Aerospace product portfolios with low MOQ, short lead-time, and the right CoC and CoA documentations.


With our 30+ years of experience in the industry, our team has extensive knowledge of Frekote applications. And they’ll be glad to share their expertise and consultations to support your production needs.

To learn more about LOCTITE products, please visit the Loctite brand page.


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