When operating in a fast-paced and precise industry like aerospace or high-end automotive, it’s just as crucial to finding the right supplier as it is to find the right material for your applications.


If you work in these industries, you know that you must only use the highest-quality products and services. A low-quality device/product or poorly fulfilled service can cause severe consequences in your production line. 

By selecting a reliable supplier, you eliminate all these uncertainties.

Working with a premium distributor has a number of advantages. Here are a few examples:


  • Customer Focus

Working with a premium supplier has its own benefits. You can get a much more dedicated and specialized service. 

In Losi Group, we always put our customers first at every step of the process. Understanding their needs and solving the pain points in their process is a fundamental part of our job.


Our customer service team is highly experienced and they are always dedicated to providing the right information and documentation rapidly.


Our logistics team is qualified in preparing the goods for both air and sea freight. We are also able to do dangerous good packaging in-house.

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  • Expertise

More than 30 years in the business, we know the industry in detail. In the course of time, we’ve worked with many clients on numerous projects. 

Our team is composed of experienced engineers. By working with us you’ll benefit from our expertise, know-how and capabilities.


  • Ease of Doing Business

Our current brand portfolio has many leading brands in different areas. ( And, we continue to add new ones!) 

From specialty chemicals to vacuum bagging equipment, we represent a variety of premium manufacturers to be your one-stop-shop supplier, so you can simplify your purchasing process.

We keep a stock of top seller products as well as customer-specific requested products. This allows you to place orders of smaller quantities, eliminate the need of building your own stock, and ultimately achieve supply chain savings.

  • Consultancy &  After Sales Services


You don’t have time or resources to analyze and implement a new system? Don’t worry! We can examine your whole production process for you and show you the ways to improve your efficiency and integrate systems like Virtek Laser projection systems or Airtech vacuum bagging materials.


Even after the sale, we can be there to support you. With our broad expertise and capabilities, we help you to address and solve the problems that might occur. 

Especially for the technical equipment (Like Virtek laser templating systems and Aeroform composite repair systems), we’ll guide you in the setup and calibration phases as well as during the period of use. 


  • Quality

Working with an authorized distributor, especially for specialty chemicals, gives you the guarantee of product quality. You always know that you’ll receive 100% original products with a long shelf life. 

Our cold storage warehouse has EN 9120 certificate and this allows us to keep Henkel Loctite Aero products fresh and deliver with full shelf life.

Click here to see our Henkel authorized distributor certificate.


Do you want to know how we can provide these benefits to your company? Get in touch with us today!  Or you can just leave your contact information in the chatbot that you can see at the right end corner of this page, and we’ll respond to you shortly.


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