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NANO-TECH works in the field of nanotechnology and advanced composite materials, and they produce materials with superior qualities, which are not comparable to those of products currently in the market.

The current portfolio of advanced composite materials is divided between;

- Prepregs

- Nano-engineered prepregs (nano-pregs)

- Nano-engineered resins

- Conductive polymers

- Functional coatings

The products are currently widely used in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, white goods, energy and sporting goods.

Nano-Tech products offer a substantial competitive advantage in terms of performance and quality without disrupting the customers' regular industrial processes. The use of nanotechnology makes materials stronger and lighter, while also improving their mechanical, electrical, thermal or insulating properties.


Nano-Tech produces thermosetting prepregs to the highest quality standards. The impregnation process takes place in an ISO 8 compliant clean room with controlled humidity and temperature.

Nano-Tech's thermosetting prepregs are based on a wide range of formulations:

-Epoxy resins

-Nano-engineered resins

-Inorganic resins

The reinforcements used vary in both types (UD, plain, twill, biaxial) and material (carbon fiber, glass fiber, natural fiber, aramid fiber and blended fiber).

Our unique partnership lets us combine Losi Group's market know-how with Nano-Tech's industry-leading R&D and advanced production capabilities.

Contact us today for more information! We'll be happy to analyze your current processes and offer you a custom solution to deliver competitive advantages.